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Chabad in Madrid

Chabad in Madrid

Chabad in Madrid

Spain: The Origin Of Sephardic Judaism

The Kingdom of Spain has long been a colorful part of the rich mosaic that makes up Jewish identities. For over 800 years it had been home to several vibrant and flourishing Jewish communities, until the Alhambra Decree ordered the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. Many Jews who were forced to leave yearned for the chance to return to Spain, which seemed impossible. Until now.

Rediscover the legacy we left behind, five centuries later. Allow us to lead you on a journey through a modern landscape intricately woven with the rich tapestry of our ancestors' history, art, and traditions.


With our Jewish Tours, we will guide you in uncovering a land where the echoes of the past resonate harmoniously with the pulse of the present.

Jewish Tours: The Best Way To Reconnect

Tours in Madrid

Madrid Royal Palace

City Tour

Jewish history in the heart of Madrid

Prado Museum Las Meninas Velazquez

Art Tour

The Prado Museum through Jewish eyes

Kosher food in Madrid


Jewish flavours in the Spanish tradition

Sephardic Jewels: Toledo, Segovia & More

Explore Spain's rich Jewish heritage as you journey through Toledo's meticulously preserved synagogues, Segovia's stunning 12th-century castle, and more.

A beautiful views of the sunset in Toled
The Royal Palace, or Alcázar, in Segovia, Spain
Image by Theodor Vasile

Connect With Chabad in Madrid, And More

If you're seeking to connect with Chabad in Madrid, explore synagogues for services, discover kosher restaurants, or explore any other Jewish connections in Spain, we're here to assist you! Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

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