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Inquisition Archives

Explore the Private Collection of a Sephardic Scholar!


Step into a world of history with over 3,000 unique documents, including rare books, maps, manuscripts, records of brit milot and ketubot, correspondence, edicts, and decrees. This collection offers a fascinating glimpse into Jewish history in the medieval kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.


Spanning from documents predating the 1492 expulsion to contemporary pieces, this collection holds records of thousands of Sephardic last names. When booking your visit, you can provide us with a list of last names you'd like to research. Our expert will have them ready for you, detailing their origins, the books where they are mentioned, and records of individuals who carried those last names, including when and where they lived, their professions, and their life stories.


Join us on this journey through time with your family and discover the rich tapestry of Sephardic heritage, uncovering the origins and stories of your ancestors together in one extraordinary visit.

Inquisition Archives Specifics

The visit lasts 1 hour, and it can be tailored to your schedule.

Our tours are only available in private mode and can be scheduled for the day and time that best suits you.

The Archives in Pictures

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