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Madrid City Tour

A modern city with ancient roots awaits you.


Madrid has seen its Jewish population leave and return throughout history. Even during the hundreds of years when we were absent, the city never fully let go of the Jewish traditions that our ancestors left behind.


In this tour we will discover the layers of history preserved in the city of Madrid. From the Jewish Golden Age in Spain under Muslim rule, contrasted with the Catholic Kingdom's reign and their Expulsion of Jews, to the yearning and actualization of the modern Sephardic return to Spain, we will walk through this vibrant capital as if walking through time.

Madrid City Tour Specifics

The tour is 2.5 hours long, but it can be tailored to your schedule.

Our tours are only available in private mode and can be scheduled for the day and time that best suits you. However, we recommend taking it in the morning.

Madrid In Pictures

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