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Tracing Our Mark in Spain: How We Never Really Left

We are a group of Sephardic Jews who, after 500 years since our families departed Spain, have returned. Our journey back has not only reconnected us to our ancestral roots but also reignited a long-dormant spark within us, eager to shine once more.


This land is the birthplace of Maimonides, the sanctuary where the Zohar was authored, and the cherished homeland of Judah Halevi, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Abraham bar Hiyya, and countless others. This soil still speaks our language.


It is this connection to our legacy that has inspired us to curate personalized, themed tours and experiences for you. Through our carefully crafted journeys, we aim to unveil Sefarad, where millennia of Jewish influence have left an indelible mark on Spanish society, still evident today.


Our mission is to reveal these hidden gems and guide you in recognizing the enduring legacy of our people within the vibrant mosaic of Spain.

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